Shop Support, a trusted provider of monthly Shopify development services for ecommerce brands, embarked on a journey to enhance their digital footprint and operational efficiency. Collaborating with Light Lunch Media (LLM), Shop Support experienced a transformative path to success.


Shop Support faced several challenges in their quest to serve ecommerce brands effectively:

  • An underperforming online funnel that hindered customer acquisition.
  • Profitability concerns with their ad campaigns.
  • A need to craft impactful email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns.
  • Internal processes that required streamlining for better client interaction.

Our Approach

Shop Support partnered with LLM to address these challenges and revamp their business approach. Our multifaceted strategy involved:

1. Funnel Optimization:

  • LLM improved Shop Support's online funnel to ensure a smoother customer journey.
  • This resulted in a significant boost in customer acquisition and retention.

2. Profitable Ad Campaigns:

  • LLM's expertise in ad campaign management led to profitable ad campaigns for Shop Support.
  • Better targeting, ad creative, and ad spend allocation were key contributors.

3. Effective Outreach Campaigns:

  • Crafted impactful email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns to reach and engage potential customers.
  • Personalized messaging and compelling content were at the core of these campaigns.

4. Business Consulting:

  • LLM provided business consulting to streamline Shop Support's internal processes.
  • This optimization fostered more efficient client interaction and enhanced overall operations.


The partnership between Shop Support and LLM yielded remarkable results:

1. Enhanced Online Funnel:

  • The optimized funnel resulted in a remarkable increase in customer acquisition and retention.

2. Profitable Ad Campaigns:

  • Shop Support's ad campaigns became profitable, delivering a solid return on investment.

3. Effective Outreach Campaigns:

  • The email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns led to a substantial increase in new customer acquisition.

4. Streamlined Processes:

  • Business consulting from LLM streamlined Shop Support's internal processes, enhancing their ability to interface with clients effectively.


The collaboration between Shop Support and Light Lunch Media signifies the power of a comprehensive approach to digital transformation. By optimizing their online funnel, running profitable ad campaigns, crafting effective outreach, and streamlining internal processes, Shop Support achieved remarkable results. This case study underscores the immense potential of digital strategies in catalyzing growth and success for businesses.

Stay tuned for more inspiring case studies from Light Lunch Media.

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